Discovery Dive


Are you short on time? Or not sure yet to become certified, Then a “DISCOVERY SCUBA DIVING” is the option for you.

This one day programme is ideal for beginners who not sure yet to become a certified or for those people who really want to dive but doesn’t have enough time for taking the course.

It’s an exciting, relaxed and safe introduction to discover scuba diving experience. Supervised by a PADI instructor, we starting with Dive briefings and continue to practice in our training pool. In this section

We will teach 5 basic skills of diving necessary  and review your diving skills before you enjoy a dive to max 12 metres

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING allows you to explore a whole new world and feel the “weightlessness” of flying underwater for the first time. We have no doubt that you’ll be hooked. And this program is first step the most people know about how easy diving is.

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Fun Dive

Are you certified diver? We have a daily Fun dive trips programme to Gili Islands Lombok.

This one day programme is designed for diver who want to explore Gili Islands doing photography or just want to see the underwater world.Scuba diving around the Gili Islands is rather nice but nothing spectacular if you compare to other places in Indonesia like Komodo Island or Bunaken.

However it is a very good place for beginner divers as the conditions are usually good or even for adventures diver, Gili Islands has the sites for it. The current is generally very gentle and the visibility is very good, sometimes around 20 meters.

Due to a conservation program, water around the Gilis are full of turtles! And you can see many during a single dive or even just snorkelling off the shore. During certain times of the year it is also possible to encounter reef sharks, Manta rays and school of reef fishes.

Price: IDR 900.000 / Person (2 Times Dive)


Return boat transfer
2 Times Dive
Full tank for each dive ( 30000Psi/200Bar)
Diving equipment (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins ,Weights and belt)
Boat assistance during the dive
Hotel transfers (Senggigi area)
Experienced  Dive Master or Dive Guide

Payment & Cancelation Terms

We require a minimum of deposit from the prices to confirm a booking.
Bookings are held for 3 days, then we approved the booking if no confirmed of deposit has been received.
Changes of dates to bookings after the deposit has been made are subject to availability.
Balances can be paid at the dive center after diving.
If you have dived less than your original booking (e.g. because you are sick), in these cases we normally re-calculate the package at check-out.

Should you already be in Indonesia, please make payments by bank transfer directly into our Indonesian bank account.
There is no charge for minimum deposit payments of 50% from the prices per pax. For larger amounts we need to charge 5% admin fee.

We accept the following methods:
Cash – we accept most major foreign currencies such as US$ and €. This is the most economical payment form and to give you peace of mind while you’re out diving,
Please note: US$ cash notes – must be 2006 or newer, US$50 or US$100 denominations as well as clean and crisp with no folds or marks

Credit cards – Visa and Mastercard (13% charge)
Please let your card issuer know that you are travelling to Indonesia. In the past cards did not work because the card issuer blocked payments from abroad for security reasons

You’re welcome to transfer the minimum deposit of 50% from the price, or you may find it more economical to transfer a larger amount, e.g. 70%, and settle the remaining balance here.
We’ll be happy to email you our bank details. After you have transferred the payment please inform us so that we can check our end. Normally takes 4-5 working days for our account to be credited, we will notify you when your transfer has arrived.

More than 1 month: deposits/payments will be refunded (minus 10% admin fee)
Less than 1 month in advance: no refund
No show: no refund except

PADI Open Water Diver



Take the most choices scuba diving course in the world, PADI OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE is the step entry level of scuba diving course, accessible to everyone.

The PADI OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE has introduced millions of people to the underwater world and certifies divers for a lifetime of scuba diving. This 3 days intensive course will allows you to know about scuba diving better, with more skills and experience. Your instructor will introduce you to the physics, scuba equipment, environment and enjoy the diving as a one of recreational water activities. With a combination of diving theory, pool practice and four open water dives. We are flexible in schedules, thorough instruction and small classes. We are not waiting a group to start.



After completing all the liability releases forms and verify no healthy issues, you’ll begin your classroom theory with a series of short videos and exercises from your Open Water Diver manual. Your instructor will start with theory book manual module 1, 2 and 3, each taking different diving lessons – introduce scuba equipment and physics. Continue to theory book manual module 4 and 5 – get briefing about emergency procedures, environmental considerations and more. After the theory, you have to finish a 50 question multiple choices final exam. Don’t worry! It should be easy if you are concern. And your instructor will make you sure 100% understand about diving knowledgement.


Be ready in our training pool and begin with prepare the diving equipment as you learn how to set up and take apart your dive equipment. Once in the pool, you’ll learn valuable skills in a safe training environment, forming the basic of the open water training. Your pool session will help master basic skills, emergency backup plans and buoyancy techniques. Practice in the pool to work out any difficulties until you feel comfortable performing the skills 10 metres underwater in the ocean!


You’ll complete four open water dives to depths not deeper than 18 metres. During these dives, you’ll practice the skills again that you have mastered in the swimming pool and add new skills to gain your experience on confidence. Over these dives, practice emergency skills, planning your dive, control your buoyancy and navigation techniques. Most importantly, you’ll explore and marvel at the magic of the underwater world as you swim with creatures of the sea. Turtles, moray eel, nudibranch and many others you could find in the island.

Price: IDR 5.500.000 / Person (5 Times Dive)

Duration : 3 Day


Rental Equipment | Transport | Boat | Learning Materials | instructor | Five Ocean Dives | Certification Card

PADI Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water Course


After you were qualified as a Open Water Diver,, you need to upgrade your skills in diving. Get ready for the next challenge in diving experience, record hundreds of logged dives, explore new diving location and find your passions. The PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE allows you to improve your diving skills under instructor supervision, helping you to feel more comfortable and confident underwater. The best way to upgrade your diving skills is to keep in the water. Along this course, you will get intend in diving! Completed total five adventure dives, including two core dives: deep dive and navigation dive and three elective dives such as deep diving, underwater navigation, drift diving and much more. Those adventure dives give you the opportunity to try some of diving’s most rewarding and useful speciality activities, These varied skills will make diving much more than underwater sightseeing..



The great news on this course is, there is no exam! Instead, for each speciality dive, you’ll read a short chapter on your theory book manual and answer a few knowledge review question. your instructor will go over each answer to ensure that everything is properly understood as well and give briefing on any new conditions you may experience.


 The Deep and Underwater Navigation dives are required on this course, and the it is up to you to choose the rest. Your Deep dive will teach you about additional considerations to make when you dive to 30 metres and the Underwater Navigation module will introduce you to different ways to navigate your way around a dive site using a compass and natural navigation techniques.


Choose three additional adventure dives from the following that most interest you to complete the course: Night, AWARE Fish Identification, Drift, Search and Recovery, Enriched Air, Multilevel and Computer, Digital Underwater Photography, Wreck, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation or Underwater Naturalist. We always strongly recommend Peak Performance Buoyancy, probably the most beneficial of all modules. Complete underwater obstacle courses, back flips, silly games and more as you perfect your buoyancy.

Price: IDR 4,500.000 / Person (5 Times Dive)

Duration : 2 Day


Rental Equipment | Transport | Boat | Learning Materials | instructor | Five Ocean Dives | Certification Card

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