Gili Meno Turtles Heaven


  • Diving Level : All Level
  • Average Depth  : 12m
  • Maximum Depth : 35m
  • Visibility : 15m-30m
  • Current : Gentile -Middle
  • Water Temperature : 27C -29C

This site definitely lives up to its name, with often in excess of 10 turtles on 1 dive. We try to drop here around 11am to avoid the crowds as this is the most popular site in the islands. Advanced divers will descend down the side of the hill to 30m before slowly ascending the hill looking for some macro life and also the often unbelievable shoaling fusiliers and sergeant majors as you near the top of the hill. The top is usually where the turtles hang out along with a good chance of octopus and lots of other diversity. Definitely a recommended site if we can avoid the crowds

Marine Life

Green Turtles, Crown Anemone Fish (Nemo),Blue Fin Travally, snapper,Giant Pufferfish, Reef Octopus, Cuttle Fish,Mantis Shrimp

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