Meno Bounty

Gili Dive Site – Bounty Wreck

  • Diving Level : All Level
  • Average Depth  : 12m
  • Maximum Depth : 18m
  • Visibility : 10m-25m
  • Current : Gentile -Middle
  • Water Temperature : 27C -29C

Meno Bounty the location of a large sunken floating dock that was once used by the Bounty Resort on Gili Meno. This site is especially nice on a mid to strong current day, you will drift along with the current looking out for sleeping Green Turtles.  Open Water courses are often taken to this site as it provides a nice slope descend and ascent along.  This site is also an excellent as a Deep Adventure Dive as it slopes gently down to some interesting ridges at 25 m.  Whitetip Reef Sharks can often be found under the table corals or resting by the large coral bommies. 

Marine Life

Angelfish, Emperor, Semi-Circle, Blue Girdled,Butterflyfish.,White tip shark

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