Trawangan Slope

Gili Fun Diving -Trawangan Slope

  • Diving Level : ALL LEVEL
  • Average Depth  : 15m
  • Maximum Depth : 25m
  • Visibility : 20m-25m
  • Current : Gentile -Middle
  • Water Temperature : 27C -29C

This Site a good for gentle drift diving, There are a few aritificial reefs installed along the Trawangan slope with some excellent coral growth along their metal structure. Expect to see lots of turtles as well as lots of different types of fish including different types of angelfish, trumpetfish, triggerfish, schools of sweetlips. There are also quite a few different types of stingrays including Kuhl’s stingrays. Occasional during the right season you may see eagle rays and Manta rays swimming past in the deep water.

Marine Life

Sponges,soft corals, Anemonefish, Angelfish, Green and Hawksbill Turtles. Stingrays, Garden Eels, Shrimp Gobies.

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