Explore the underwater world with Divernesia Dive Center

Turning into deep Blue World in a view part of stunning underwater of Indonesia, inspired us to create one best moment in a lifetime by Diving exploration to learn and care all creatures that never expecting us to see them, that is how we are “Diveresia” design the Diving sensation in speechless blue and breathtakingly the Ocean. Divernesia is one of the Certified and Licensed diving companies by PADI which based in Bali and Lombok, Gilis Island Indonesia.
We aim to focus on introducing people to the infinity of Indonesia Blue World. Not many people understand how deep Blue Ocean is. Everyone only knows Indonesia is Tropical Island, which has greens or colorful things inside out, well most people said that by reading an article, people stories and a lot more references. And here we are, Divernesia, This time now and forever will help you or anyone to take part to see and love the unspeakable Blue World anywhere all over Indonesia.


Popular Dive Program

We found this location in the southeast part of Gili Meno Island. One of the deepest and the strongest current you will ever experience, which you can see giant fish and many other species you never seen before.
Recently, there were seen Juvenile white-tip reef sharks. Hopefully, it will become another shark home, since the topography of the spot area is perfectly great for the shark generation. Several huge ridges spot which you follow along in the current make this a great drift dive site.
Another deep spot where you usually end up with doing the safety stop floating in the blue wild site. A cool feature to this dive site there is a huge M symbol statue, this spot is a place to remember in memory of a great Diver called Mirkos. Also, this spot is dedicated to his sacrifice to protect the environment and from that history the spot known as Macro Reef.

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