2020 Bali Lombok on Recover Conditions

2020 Bali Lombok on Recover Conditions

Bali & Lombok Airport updated information

After compiling much-updated information regarding flight conditions that mostly closed and very crucial information that many people might want to hear. After we made confirmations to the flight companies and also the Indonesia government. We are happy to inform our entire customer that Bali & Lombok Airport has just open with a New Normal Standard check-in procedure before entering the airport, As below details:

  • ID Passport
  • Travelling Insurance
  • Referral letter from a hospital.
  • Negative COVID-19 reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test results that are valid for seven days or non-reactive rapid test results that are valid for three days during the trip for family members of the deceased individual.
  • Those who live in regions that don’t provide PCR test or rapid test facilities should obtain a letter from a hospital doctor or community health centers (Puskesmas) stating they are COVID-19-free.
Bali Lombok on Recover Conditions

Fast Boat has just open trip to 3 Gilis & Lombok

Traveling restrictions after locked down series in the past few months by Covid-19 as a major issue. Now we glad to inform you that all Fast Boat has just opened a trip to 3 Gilis and Lombok Mainland since the 31 July trial started with the “New Normal Standard” Service applied, New safety standard consists of :

  • All crews must use masker/Face shield and Hand gloves
  • Social Distancing and Seat Rows to Direct Customers
  • Online verified Tickets
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Passport ID
  • Rapid Test report (Based on Country Arrival)
  • Verified Tickets to a travel destination
  • Mandatory Masker/Face shield

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