Gili Dive Tour (COVID-19)

Gili Dive Tour (COVID-19)

following the COVID-19 crisis worldwide, we take safety very seriously and are

applying specific measures to our activities to ensure the wellbeing of our customers.

We, at Divernesia Lombok , ensure to minimize the sanitarian risks applying the following


– Applying strict sanitary measures by consistently cleaning all our facilities and

providing hand sanitizer and other disinfectant during all our activities.

– Control the temperature of our staff and customers before all activities to reduce

risks of viral transmission in our facilities.

– Ensure that all our staff follow the recommended measures by using masks,

keeping social distancing, and regularly use hand sanitizer.

– Follow a very strict protocol to rinse and disinfect all diving equipment used by our

customers and staff, to minimize any risk transmission.

– Ensure social distancing by minimizing the groups of people in all activities and

respect the recommended social distancing (office, buses, boats, and restaurants).

– Optimize the safety and health during diving activities by reducing limits such as

depth, decompression time and providing Nitrox when certification is provided.

To ensure the health and minimize the sanitary risk for everyone, we kindly ask our

customers to apply the following rules:

– Follow the safety rules applied by the company during all activities.

– Use a facial mask on land during all our activities.

– Use the hand sanitizer provided during all activities and wash hands often as


– Follow the dive profile restrictions to minimize the risk of health issues.

Please understand that all these measures applied to ensure the safety and the health of

all persons involved in our activities.

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