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2020 Bali Lombok on Recover Conditions

2020 Bali Lombok on Recover Conditions

2020 Bali Lombok on Recover Conditions Bali & Lombok Airport updated information After compiling much-updated information regarding flight conditions that mostly closed and very crucial information that many people might want to hear. After we made confirmations to the flight companies and also the Indonesia government. We are happy to inform our entire customer that Bali & Lombok Airport has just open with a New Normal Standard check-in procedure before entering the airport, As below details: ID PassportTravelling InsuranceReferral letter from a hospital.Negative COVID-19 reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test results that are valid for seven days or non-reactive rapid test results that are valid for three days during the trip for family members of the deceased individual.Those who live in regions that don’t provide PCR test or rapid test facilities should obtain a…

pool sessions

pool sessions 2020

pool sessions Our activity Pool Sessions is doing a pool session before hit the ocean. In the pool session, our instructor will teach you some skills for those who take the open water course and other levels. The pool located in The Kayana Beach Lombok which you can find very beautiful tropical views and of course the beach called Kecinan where you can plunge yourself into the beach after mastering the skills being taught. The new coming resort also is the best place to spend the whole lesson with such a beautiful view. Divernesia.


Gili Dive Tour (COVID-19)

Gili Dive Tour (COVID-19) following the COVID-19 crisis worldwide, we take safety very seriously and are applying specific measures to our activities to ensure the wellbeing of our customers. We, at Divernesia Lombok , ensure to minimize the sanitarian risks applying the following measures: – Applying strict sanitary measures by consistently cleaning all our facilities and providing hand sanitizer and other disinfectant during all our activities. – Control the temperature of our staff and customers before all activities to reduce risks of viral transmission in our facilities. – Ensure that all our staff follow the recommended measures by using masks, keeping social distancing, and regularly use hand sanitizer. – Follow a very strict protocol to rinse and disinfect all diving equipment used by our customers and staff, to minimize any risk transmission. – Ensure…

Korean women discovery diver

Korean women discovery diver

Korean women discovery diver Korean women discovery diver.We wish everyone in a good health The self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or scuba diving system, as we know it today, is the result of technological developments and innovations that began almost 300 years ago. Scuba diving is the most extensively used system for breathing underwater by recreational divers throughout the world, and in various forms is also widely used to perform underwater work for military, scientific and commercial purposes.

Macro diving001

Macro diving lombok 2020

FANTASTIC UNDERWATER PHOTO MACRO DIVING LOMBOK FANTASTIC UNDERWATER PHOTO MACRO DIVING LOMBOK .For those of you who love macros. there are plenty of opportunities for you to see various types of animals in Melasti such as, harlequin shrimp, frog fish, snake eels, nudibranchs and many others. Here the flow is very slow, making your dives much easier than Seraya; This is perfect for underwater photography. However, you need diving experience to participate in this activity.for those of you who want to take a vacation but are still confused about where to go and do what ?? Let’s visit Gili Meno to fill your holiday by seeing the beautiful underwater paradise of Gili Meno by diving Gili Meno itself is one of the three beautiful dyke in the district of North Lombok, in addition to…