Soraya Reef

Gili Dive Site – Soraya reef

Gili Dive Site
Soraya reef

Siraya Reef Dive Site Info
Diving Level : ALL LEVEL
Average Depth  : 12m
Maximum Depth : 22m
Visibility : 15m-30m
Current : Gentile
Water Temperature : 27C -29C


We found this location on the southeast side of Gili Meno Due to its deepness and the currents. In this place, you will see a lot of big fish in large numbers. Recently, there has been found the juvenile white-tip reef sharks. Hopefully, this means it will become another shark nursery area in the future since the topography area is really great. Several huge ridges that you will follow along in the currents make this a great drift dive site. This is another deep dive site where you usually end up doing the safety stop floating in the blue wild. A cool feature to this dive site there is also a huge M statue symbol; this is a place to remember in memory of a diver called Mirkos. That is the reason why this dive site is sometimes called Mirkos reef.

Marine Life
Eagle rays, Turtles, Snapper, Triggerfish, Moray eels, Banded sea snakes, White tip reef sharks and Giant Trevallies…

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