How To Get To Lombok & Gilis

How To Get To Lombok & Gilis

From BALI to Gilis

Bali has improved in wide range transport destinations not only for its area but also for the best direct option to take to three Gilis in Lombok, many options of Fast Boat offering a variety of services with qualified Marine safety standards and friendly pricing based on your budget.
From Bali to 3 Gilis will take approximately 1:30 minutes depends on the weather conditions sometimes even faster than its schedule. Many travelers booked their tickets themselves and also many of them privately use their Travel Planner to organize the ticket, day tour, and so on. It all depends on your convenience.

From Lombok to Gilis

If you have flight direct to Lombok from overseas (Singapore, Malaysia and etc.) it will spend approximately 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Lombok International Airport to Bangsal (The Biggest Main Port to three Gilis), it means you will spend more on transportation budget before taking speed boat or slow private boat but this is the only perspective of travelers option objectively, it will okay for some traveler because they choose Lombok as the main destination to travel.
Mostly traveler who staying in particular Hotel, Homestays or Villas in Senggigi or another place in mainland Lombok they have many options to experience to go to Gilis, sometimes they booked privately local boat, or hire a motorbike and go to main Public Boat in Bangsal. Some options of local speed boat lovely to try on are in Senggigi port, Teluk Nara Port, Mentigi Port, and also Teluk Kode port. They have a certain location with rate varieties base on personal dealing.

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